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The Process

What to expect when beginning your ArmourCare journey.

Image by Taylor Grote


to ArmourCare

Initial Contact

One of our Executive Health Coaches will contact you to find out more information surrounding you, your firm & your request, and will invite you to attend a Discovery call to dive a little deeper.


Fully understanding you & your requirements, your care pathway is reviewed, customised and designed to integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle.


Either by meeting at your office, location of choice or via video conferencing, we learn more about your needs, the ArmourCare process and an overview of the care platform.


Following review & discussion of your ArmourCare timeline, all business relationships and systems are generated and established, ensuring clarity on terms & conditions.

Begin Integration Process

Integration will guide you through your initial testing, health & well-being screening and on-boarding process, entering the ArmourCare care system to maximise your healthspan & longevity.

Our care begins. Your health is secured.

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