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The Source

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The human body is dynamic

The Source Health Concierge system focuses on


core verticals of function that have a profound, down-stream effect on the vast majority of biochemical processes, rhythms & health markers. Understanding, tracking, analysing and maximising these verticals promote a higher state of well-being and bodily intelligence.

Following a performance-based approach, Source Health clients operate at a higher level of human physical and psychological performance.


Executive Health Concierge

Your journey includes a concert of health services, practices & data collection, orchestrated by your health concierge to utilise a proactive approach.

Your Concierge


Emotional & Mental Health Assessments

Personal Development Course Delivery

Health Data Monitoring & Analysis

Comprehensive Medical Screenings & Analysis

Physical, Cognitive, Lifestyle & Nutritional Coaching Strategies

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Executive Health Screening


Annual health assessments are not enough.

By undergoing full, biannual executive screenings with a performance-based approach, strategy can be implemented to address markers and ensure that health status stays within optimal parameters.

  • Comprehensive bloodwork & nutrient profile.

  • Specialist cardiovascular, pulmonary & risk assessments.

  • Mental & emotional well-being assessments.

  • Expert consultation & follow ups with medical professionals.

  • Translation of results and integration of strategy into lifestyle.

Performance Nutrition

Coaching & Provision

If the body is an engine; nutrients are the fuel

Whether performance-based, a clinical context or a blend of the two, custom nutrition is crucial to promoting optimal function, high energy levels, athletic body composition and appropriately managed health markers.

  • Specific, individualised requirements & strategy developed by licensed & heavily-experienced dietitians and sports nutritionists.

  • Compliment health screenings with interventional approaches.

  • Agile plans to suit personal circumstance or travel.

  • Customised, evidence-based supplementation strategies

  • Nutrition plan delivery integration if applicable

Physical & Psychological

Performance Coaching

The body & mind are inextricably linked.

One must compliment the other in order to grasp an optimal health profile and unbreakable resilience.

Work with vastly experienced performance coaches, trainers & prestigious mental well-being partners.

  • Emotional well-being, resilience coaching & support from leaders in psychology.

  • Strength, conditioning & health-focussed training with industry experts.

  • Education in taking ownership of physical activity habits.

  • Travel & remote-work contingencies

Cognitive & Recovery

Strategy Coaching

Working in is as equally powerful as working out.

The ability to grasp deep, restorative & efficient sleep will carry over to nearly all aspects of health, hence why it remains one of the highest priorities of the ArmourCare system.

  • Understand your own chronotyping and how to work with this unique aspect of physiology.

  • Efficiently cycle through all stages of sleep, supporting immune health & brain function.

  • Directly impact dynamic intelligence through recovery strategies, mindfulness and sleep proficiency.

  • Use techniques from research experts and leaders of neuroscience. 

Health Technology

& Data Analysis Integration

The use of metrics to gain insight into physiological and mental state is just as useful outside of a clinical setting.

ArmourCare focuses on integrating metric tracking through diligent practice and the integration of cutting-edge wearable technology to interpret trends over time.

This offers the unique advantage of real-time analysis and intervention and potentially predict the onset of adverse events or illness.

  • Cardiovascular metrics

  • Sleep duration, cycles & efficiency

  • Heart rate variability & systemic stress

  • Interaction of lifestyle factors with metrics

App_ Sleep Screen.png

We understand the need for agility & remote support

As the business world becomes more globally connected, Source Health stays abreast of the challenges and constraints that may prevent face to face interaction.


ArmourCare is predominantly a cloud-operated, secure network, communicating via end-to-end encrypted audio/video channels, business communications software and encrypted email. This ensures security of dialogue and information sharing, combined with the flexibility to work within global time zones or simply the comfort of your own home.

For more information surrounding our data protection and privacy policy, follow the button below.

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