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The Journal - What it is & How to Use

The Source Health Journal; what you need to know.

The Journal is the SH output channel of any and all information that will benefit you. Whether it is a 30-second skim, a 5-minute read or a link to a new podcast that has some real golden information, the Journal has been designed to contain the cream of the content crop each week, directly (we hope) impacting your health-seeking practice.

You can use the Source Health Journal at your own leisure, or join the community to receive updates and advice, straight to your inbox.

The newsletter will follow a weekly structure:

Ad-hoc: Skim-read snapshots, content links and sharing

Weekly: Short-form content with key concepts and topic overviews

Monthly: Long[er]-form discussing theoretical topics and SH news coverage

The Journal posts & contents will be more long form writing as an education & information platform. Again, the choice is yours as to how you wish to learn and evolve as a health-seeking progressive thinker.

We look forward to welcoming you into our circle.

Yours in health,


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