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Health & Immunity - A Practical Guide

We are living in unprecedented times.

2020 began with a considerable amount of embedded excitement & hope for many. Considering Dubai specifically, this was the year of the Expo 2020; 'The World's Greatest Show,' which has now been pushed back a year.

Many have had holidays, weddings and a myriad of other plans scuppered. Many have lost their jobs, their house, their lives. The world is suffering due to an invisible adversity that we can no more understand than prevent [at the time of writing].

SARS-Cov-2 and the resultant COVID-19 have brought the world to its knees through fear, reactivity and catastrophic economic fallout from what was originally thought to be a bad flu, that is now causing exponential death.

Regardless of what you believe, this has brought the world to a standstill in more ways than one. A bad flu, deep state conspiracy or the end of days; it doesn't matter. What matters are the choices we make during this time and the action we can take to protect not only ourselves, but our resident country's healthcare system, to protect our health & wellbeing during this time, and to retain sound judgement and state of mind.

It is with this then, that we present the Source Health practical guide to health & immunity. As per the heavy disclaimers within the opening pages - this book does not contain medical advice or any information relating to boosting, improving or otherwise bulletproofing your immune system. The complexities of the human immune system & responses are reserved for another day, though what this guide will give you is practical advice on how to optimise your 'low-hanging fruit,' health-seeking practices such as nutrition, sleep, physical activity, alcohol habits, etc. to benefit normal immune function.

Unfortunately, many people take this critical process for granted, so the information within will [hopefully] go some way to enlightening you on what the immune system is and how you can generally live better, ultimately impacting general health, not just immunity.

If you wish to receive this book, free of charge during this pandemic, you need only join our Journal with your preferred email address and it will be emailed to you personally by Max (author). Following this period, the book will be put on sale, so act now.

Stay safe, stay well and stay aligned to optimal health.



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