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Your private health management client to facilitate optimal vitality, longevity & confidence.

The Executive Health Concierge

It is becoming increasingly more important to have a secure model of health; find out why your Source Health concierge is so impactful

The Executive Health Concierge

Your healthspan matters

Health & optimal function can no longer be overlooked and it is now critical to integrate prophylactic practice into your lifestyle to secure a long & rich healthspan (your physical & psychological longevity).

Your Health Concierge guides you through the ArmourCare preventative care membership to give you confidence in your health.

Here at Source Health, we understand that time is money.

The health industry is vast and at times overwhelming, making it difficult to make sense of what may be simple to some, but incomprehensible to others.

We also understand the difference between living with premium health and how it feels to function optimally, versus how difficult life can be when there are deep-rooted health/lifestyle concerns manifesting physical symptoms, detracting from quality of life and professional performance.

We harmoniously manage a network of inputs to establish perfected outputs

Corporate wellness is outdated and ineffective. Outsourced, private client & company health management is the future. We implement our ArmourCare systems to proactively optimise your health, integrating seamlessly within your lifestyle.


We cross boarders by utilising cloud-based communications, coaching & health data systems so we can be with you wherever your life or business may take you.

Through ArmourCare Reach (for business) we are on hand to work extensively with your firm/company, ensuring each member feels included, valued and ultimately, effective.

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Led by internationally-renowned medical professionals, deeply experienced, evidence-based practitioners and objectively monitored by technology, we do not make claims that we cannot reinforce.


While health is an undeniably complex subject, it is not without the ever-present and unfortunate pseudoscience that may take advantage of or even harm individuals.

Fortunately, our service is heavily underpinned by ethical practice through decades of experience. We advise our clients on health-seeking behaviour change and practice integration that will give them the most return, carefully selecting the most appropriate advice for the individual, relative to their psychographic.

We are careful to educate clients throughout their journey and not lead them astray through profit-driven misdirection.

Instilling trust & confidence in receipt of leading care is important to us

Location-independent systems mean year-round care; Source Health is with you wherever you are

While our offices are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, our reach extends beyond borders.

Business means travel, which more often than not involves visiting global business hubs. During your travel, we stay on hand to support your journey by sourcing your requirements for you, dependent on your location.

Whether you require an affiliate gym to work out, health-promoting nutritional fuel or a place to unwind and work in, your concierge will facilitate.

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Managing your health to allow you to focus on what matters. The health membership to redefine physical & mental well-being, optimal function and enriched longevity