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Private Health Management

The Executive Health Concierge

It is becoming increasingly more important to have a robust health profile.

Outsource your health management to professionals.

We understand that time is money.

We also understand the difference between how it feels to function optimally, versus how difficult life can be when there are deep-rooted concerns detracting from quality of life and professional performance.

The health industry is vast and at times overwhelming, making it difficult to make sense of what is important.


We remove the guesswork.

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Outsourced, private  & corporate health management is the future.

Your Source Health Concierge is led by internationally-renowned medical professionals, highly experienced, evidence-based practitioners and monitored by cutting-edge health technology.

A modular health assurance solution, designed specifically for you.

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Much like you would trust your portfolio to an asset management team, entrusting your personal health to your executive concierge is a worthwhile investment.

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On hand to cater to your health, wellness and medical needs.

Your concierge coach will work with you on a one-to-one basis year-round, guiding you through our proactive service.

Dedicated Support Team

Location-independent systems mean year-round care - Source Health is with you wherever you are.

Business means travel, which more often than not involves visiting global business hubs.


During your travel, your concierge stays on hand to support your journey by sourcing your requirements for you, dependent on your location.

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Our service is heavily underpinned by ethical practice through decades of experience.


We advise our clients on health-seeking behaviour change and practice that will give them the most return, carefully selecting the most appropriate advice for the individual.

Instilling trust & confidence in our clients is vitally important to us.

Ready to take back control?

Health management that allows you to focus on what matters.

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