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Prioritising Health & Performance in Golf

Supporting the clubs and members of Emaar Golf Clubs; Dubai Hills, Arabian Ranches & The Address Montgomerie.

Professional golfers have an embedded support network to optimise every facet of their lifestyle, training, nutrition and recovery in order to be the best they can be. As with all of our clients here at Source Health, we believe that this network should not be reserved for the professionals, instead accessible to anybody that wishes to improve health, performance and mindset.

As a sport, golf exemplifies some of the core values and tenets of the Source Health philosophies:


  • Integrated strength, cardiovascular fitness and mobility with movement skill

  • Control over the nervous system response to stress & pressure, through mindset and focus

  • Spending time in sunlight, nature and increasing natural movement 

Our distinguished partners provide a customised, golf-specific ArmourCare approach for Emaar Golf members to improve performance through health.

Image by Matt Aylward

Optimal Physiology

Systemic Health





Brain & Nervous System Health

Stronger Recovery

Improved Performance

Further Support



Member Value

Annual Educational Calendar

Corporate Event Support

Source Health ArmourCare golfing clients are supported by lululemon, with a unique golf outfitting experience at the flagship store in the Mall of the Emirates

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