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The health & wellness concierge to orchestrate the function of your body & mind. Facilitating both sustained health & performance, the ArmourCare individual platform is designed for the key figure.

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Our flexible, modular well-being solution, ArmourCare, is your vehicle to a more resilient physical and mental healthspan.

Built around four core elements, your health-focussed membership service is flexible and customisable to your unique requirements, while our evidenced, private coaching approach will guide you towards optimal living.

Your ArmourCare concierge will provide the foundation you need to live a more fulfilled and successful life

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Clinical Analysis

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The preventative health membership operates on a biannual, 6-month cycle. Executive clinical testing & screening with our prestigious health service providers, beginning your service and at the mid-year point, will provide an objective overview of your health and in the management of any chronic conditions.


During your screening process, you will undertake a comprehensive screening protocol to observe all major health markers, body composition, specialist organ system function and sports-specific testing.

Following analysis of results, a clear report will be generated and shared with you in collaboration with any clinical recommendations, with strategic intervention by our coaches to facilitate optimal function.

Mental & Emotional Well-being Support

Contemporary life is 33% more stressful now than it once was


There is no denying the inextricable link between the brain & the body. Emotional distress & psychological burden can weigh heavily on physiology & specific health markers, compounding the effects of heightened stress exposure.

During your ArmourCare journey, we routinely employ emotional well-being assessments at each end of the timeline, with our industry-leading mental well-being providers to ensure psychological robustness and protect against the onset of potential occupational burnout.

We also place heavy emphasis on strategy to improve brain endurance, cognitive function, sharp mental processing & dynamic intelligence.

Analysis & Integration


Following the assessment periods, an interventional strategy is developed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, maximising health and supporting enhanced function, reassessed and personalised continuously to monitor progress and improvement

Our ArmourCare Coaches

are in your corner, connected


Complimenting your clinical assessments, ArmourCare integrates cutting-edge, ring-based health technology to give daily feedback and diagnostic analysis of health metrics.

Our cloud-based analysis software allow us to guide you to implementing best practice into your lifestyle that has a direct impact on improving health, through:

  • Improved sleep quality & efficiency 

  • Daily movement analysis and improvement

  • Continual heart rate, body temperature & respiratory rate analysis, offering insight into the possible onset of sickness

  • 24/7 heart rate & heart rate variability metrics, providing a measure of stress resilience, nervous system state and advice on managing physiological load

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Intelligence through


ArmourCare Business


Behavioural Coaching


Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in & day out.



The UK National Institute for Healthcare & Excellence define human behaviour as 'the product of individual or collective human actions, seen within and influenced by their structural, social and economic context.'

These actions produce patterns that will either enable or disable individuals and/or collectives in what they can ultimately do. Within the healthcare context, Source Health aims to work in a 'top down' approach, establishing perspective change and self awareness.

Applying regular touch points, focussing on performance and working on an individual level with each of our valued clients, ArmourCare is underpinned by an air of quality & assurance of well-being.



On hand to support you throughout your health journey, globally


The health concierge to facilitate performance, relentlessly


Empowering you to understand your own health, intelligently


The proactive health & wellness concierge that guarantees a higher level of living

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