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For Business

Confidence in the safety & security of your business begins with your executive team. Outsource the management of key figure health care to ensure removal risk & uncertainty through optimised, managed & monitored well-being.

Maximise your efficiency

The ArmourCare Reach (for business) platform expands proactive & preventative healthcare to your company leadership team, providing a physiological & psychological insurance policy.

In combination with ensuring senior leadership health is secure, ArmourCare Reach then provides your firm its own Health Concierge; your dedicated executive well-being coach to establish firm-wide, confidence & industry-leading, innovative well-being care & support.

Lead your sector with a workforce and leadership of robust, resilient & athletic innovators.

How do we operate?

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Establish a health-driven company culture


Engagement is considerably higher where employees feel cared for, increasing exponentially should staff feel as if their ongoing physical & mental health is a core value of their company.

The facts are obvious; your company culture depends on the action you take.  ArmourCare Reach is embodied by action - the well-being platform that is proactive in nature.

Emphasis on preventative care

 ArmourCare Reach clients are regularly screened by our prestigious physical & mental health service provider partners, with strategic interventions implemented to provide optimal function, translating into action by your executive health coach.

The Source Health Concierge is there to maximise the vitality, longevity & productivity of your firm, empowering you to live relentlessly and grasp success.

Protect your company emotional well-being & resilience

By 2030, more people will be affected by depression than any other health concern

LawCare states 27% of callers to its helpline in 2017 complained of stress, while 17% talked about depression.


Improving the ability to handle stressors is dictated by the health status of the individual and the standard of health care that they receive.

All ArmourCare & ArmourCare Reach clients complete routine emotional well-being assessments with esteemed industry leaders.

Wellness workshops may also be implemented on-site, providing a safe drop in space with a professional, should it be required.

Having somebody in your corner is not to be underestimated.



Of lost US productivity from distant presenteeism


Lost US revenue through mental health illness


Annual cost to UK economy from workplace mental illness

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Behavioural Coaching

Through Culture


The UK National Institute for Healthcare & Excellence define human behaviour as 'the product of individual or collective human actions, seen within and influenced by their structural, social and economic context.'

By establishing a health-driven company culture, Source Health seamlessly blends both access to health-promoting behaviours & services with the desire to be better, live better and enjoy a successful career underpinned by a rich healthspan.

Be the architect of your environment.


Further Support


Innovative consultancy to further develop your health-focussed culture across international offices


Webinars, lectures & office hours support via remote coaching, independent of location


Company events and immediate family health & well-being guidance available on request


On hand to support you throughout your health journey, globally


The health concierge to facilitate performance, relentlessly


Empowering you to understand your own health, intelligently


Reach (Business)

The proactive health & wellness concierge that guarantees a higher level of living

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