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A powerful platform orchestrating health through preventative & proactive care

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ArmourCare has been developed to empower the individual in order to maximise physiological & psychological resilience, therefore directly impacting the professional performance of the high-achieving executive.

The contemporary corporate world is one of high & chronic stress exposure, pressure, suboptimal lifestyles and consequentially adverse health statuses of many executives. The environment in which these individuals operate is not one conducive to thriving health and longevity, likely remaining unchanged for many years to come.

Historical trends suggest the development of cardiovascular concerns, metabolic dysfunction and subsequent obesogenic environments resulting from chronic stress exposure and  an absence of mitigating practices.

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Take control of your health

The four focus points to achieve

an optimal state of wellness


Biannual, executive screenings objectively measure health markers to provide an ever-personalized focus.


Dietary support & guidance from dieticians & sports nutritionists to maximize nutritional wealth.


Lifestyle, mindset, physical activity and strength & performance coaching to build a resilient body & mind.


At the heart of the system, technology seamlessly marries health with connected, real time support &  data analysis.

Conducted by prestigious, industry-leading health service providers, physiological, psychological & emotional testing is utilized regularly to leverage evidence-based strategy implementation.

A complete nutrient profile is key to peak function. Based on current evidence and personal screening results, a full nutritional programme will be devised by licensed dietitians & sport nutritionists to support health & performance.

Health & performance-based physical and cognitive coaching ensures a strong body & resilient mind; two key factors inextricably linked to stress management, wellbeing & longevity.

Integrating wearable health-technology with the ArmourCare proactive care system allows real-time tracking & analysis of health metrics, offering daily insight into lifestyle management, optimal practice and trend reports.

As health & wellness introspection rises amidst the evolution of the corporate macrocosm, ensuring the security of your physical & emotional state is fast becoming the norm for individuals and employers alike.


ArmourCare provides an ongoing human performance membership, empowering executives to understand, manage and optimize well-being, facilitating peak health & ability; day on day, year on year.

There is no time to function sub-optimally. It is now more important than ever to take control of your health, live a meaningful and confident life and grasp high performance.

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Life is for living. Industry-leading health service providers provide a clear and precise picture of health & physiology to confidently ensure your internal environment is functioning within optimal parameters. 



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Take the guesswork out of daily nutrition. Evidence-based nutritional coaching & advice from licensed dieticians & sports nutritionists guarantee harmonious alignment of intake & physiology. 

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Sharpen your skills. A network of highly-qualified & experienced coaches, trainers & psychologists work synergistically to maximise physical fitness, improve body composition and secure mental & emotional resilience.

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Understand your body. Cutting-edge wearable technology enables you to tune to your body, objectively measure your activity, sleep efficiency, nervous system & stress resilience and communicate with Source Health remotely.


Underpinned by neuroscience & physiology research body


Support network of industry-leading partners


Integration of cutting-edge health technology


Cloud-operated care system, connected globally 

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This is not corporate wellness

This is Professional Excellence

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