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Our mission is to benefit the health, well-being & longevity of the business world

Our 'why' here at Source Health is to improve the physical & emotional well-being of the corporate sector by proactively optimising the health & performance of key figures.

We establish confidence in your health, optimising performance to translate to success.

Source Health constitutes the amalgamation of over a decade of research, experience and development in exercise physiology; evidence based, health-focussed and sports performance nutrition and human psychology, working closely with a vast array of demographics, from VIPs & CEOs, to senior partners, doctors and business owners.

Unfortunately, chronic stress exposure and the consequential health effects are commonplace in all business, yet the demands on performance remain unchanged.


The increasing requirement for optimal wellness provides the perfect opportunity for the creation of ArmourCare - to stand by the side of executives, supporting their health & well-being and empowering them to take control for themselves.

Meet the industry-leading ArmourCare partner network

High-performing executives, CEOs & entrepreneurs understand that agility, change and action are pivotal to success, so why are health, sleep & fitness commonly ignored? 

Proactive & preventative health practice continues to prove superior to reactive approaches in securing optimal physical & mental health, offsetting aging, benefiting both personal & professional life and adding considerable daily value.


Therefore, the ongoing mission of Source Health, via the ArmourCare integrated wellness network is to take action.

Professional Excellence:

The confidence in your health & wellness to allow you to push boundaries, test limits and achieve lasting success

To create your legacy

Headquartered in the thriving business hub of the United Arab Emirates; the beating heart of the Middle East 


Not just a wellness company; Source Health is a sense of certainty, an action and ultimately a vision of inclusion & service.

Reflecting the rich & prosperous city of birth, Source Health is more than just a health care platform. Blending technology, leading advancements in the field and a tenacious culture with an air of luxury, the brand embodies its values - professional, excellence & empowerment.




Max Physick


A word from our founder

My vision for Source Health is to create a thriving culture; one of effortless prestige, empowering each member to live to their utmost potential with the tools to enjoy premium health status.

We all deserve to understand how it feels to be truly healthy, fit and functional, and I believe that is well within reach.

With over 10,000 hours of coaching experience, I have identified the most profound successes come from health-seeking behavioural change in combination with heightened exposure to stimulus input - technology, objective testing, continued accountability and coaching - this is where our unique value lies.

Driven to see Source Health physical & mental care systems in each major business hub globally, my aim is to create substantial change in corporate healthcare, while ensuring that the company image is synonymous with its values of performance, elegance and leading innovation in the preventative care field.

We all deserve to understand how it feels to be truly healthy, fit & functional

In a hyper-connected, fast-moving world, the necessity for access & agility is paramount to maintaining focus on health

As the human race becomes more connected, we risk a loss of communication.


Circumventing the barriers of travel and the need for remote operations, Source Health blends the human element of performance coaching with technology to enable global access, overcoming contact restrictions and maintaining our leading support network wherever you are.

Working between time zones, our coaches will always be on hand to support while traveling, independent of location.

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