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About Us

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Our mission is to create a different perspective of health & wellbeing, enabling our clients to live to their utmost potential.

Source Health was born following decades of research, experience and development in exercise physiology; evidence based, health-focussed and sports performance nutrition and human psychology.


Working closely with a vast array of demographics, from VIPs & CEOs, to senior partners, doctors and business owners, we apply this experience by addressing the smaller details to affect the bigger picture - an optimised lifestyle and successful business performance.

Meet the industry-leading Source Health partner network

High-performing individuals understand that resilience is pivotal to success, so why are health factors so commonly overlooked? 

Preventative health practice continues to prove superior to reactive approaches in securing optimal physical & mental health, offsetting aging, benefiting both personal & professional life.


Therefore, the ongoing mission of the Source Health integrated wellness network is to take action and create effective performers.

Not just a wellness company - Source Health is a movement.

Our value mantra - Life | Business | Adventure - describes how our intricate health systems benefit each client. We focus on three aspects of general wellbeing, each connected to the other.

A long, healthful life is enriched by adventure; effective business relies on sound health and resilient performance; and the adventure of life is bolstered by a youthful, capable health profile.

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A word from our founder

My vision for Source Health is to create a culture, empowering each member to live to their utmost potential with the tools to enjoy premium health status as well as a fulfilling life.

We all deserve to understand how it feels to be truly healthy, fit and functional, and I believe that is well within reach.

Over my career, I've discovered that the most profound successes come from health-seeking behavioural change in combination with heightened exposure to stimulus input - technology, objective testing, continued accountability and coaching - this is where our unique value lies.

My aim is to create substantial change in how health is viewed. Our lives are designed to be rich & exciting, they are not to be spent behind a desk devoid of sunlight.

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Max Physick

We all deserve to understand how it feels to be truly healthy, fit & functional

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